When your dryer stops drying your clothing, it can be difficult. Now you have an entire load of fairly wet clothing, and there aren't enough places around your home to lay them or hang them, which leaves you to have to hang some of your clothing outside. While you may love the idea of living in what your home most likely appears to be — a dry cleaning facility, this is probably not truly the case. If your dryer has stopped working, you need to get it back in working order so your household can run like it once did. Read on for what you can check if your dryer has stopped drying.

1. Check For Lint

If your dryer has accumulated too much lint, it's not going to be able to dry like it should. Your dryer is going to have too much lint accumulated and it can interrupt the moving parts of the machine, not to mention it can burn up some of the intricate parts of the machine that make it run and heat your clothing properly. If your dryer has accumulated too much lint, you need to clean it out. Clean the lint trap first, then clean out the inside of the tray within the dryer, then open up the rest of the dryer and clean out any lint that is present there as well.

2. Check The Fuses

If any of the fuses on the dryer have burned, usually due to too much lint, you need to change the fuses. The fuses are what make the dryer run properly and help with things such as the ignition, which also help your dryer run. If your dryer is not running properly, check the fuses and inspect them to see if any are burned out. Change out any that need to be changed. Fuses can be found at your local hardware or appliance store.

3. Check The Drum

Check the drum on the dryer to be sure it's turning properly. There is a band around the dryer that helps it to turn. If the dryer is not tumbling properly, the issue may be with the drum belt. The belt may need to be replaced altogether, which will require you to take apart the dryer. This can be a major project, and you may want to leave this to a professional.

If you have issues with your dryer not drying, there could be a number of problems. Hire a professional repair technician to help you make the necessary repairs.

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