If you own a refrigerator with a built-in ice machine, one of the problems that you might encounter is an odd odor to your ice. It can be difficult to narrow down the source of the odor sometimes, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Here are a few common causes of ice odors to consider.

Check The Water Filter

The water line that feeds the ice machine will be fitted with a filtration system. The filter that is in that system needs to be replaced a few times a year. If you haven't replaced it in a while, the filter may be dirty. If it is, that means you're not getting the full benefit of the filter itself. Depending on how often you use the water system and the ice machine, you may need to replace it more often than your refrigerator manufacturer recommends. Try replacing the filter first to see if that helps the problem.

Replace The Ice Cubes

If you make ice cubes and then don't use them, the ice cubes will eventually become stale. When that happens, the ice absorbs the odors from the food gases inside the freezer. You can avoid this problem by only making the amount of ice cubes that you can use. That way, you don't have any left sitting. If you're already dealing with it, just remove the stale ice from the tray and make fresh cubes.

Test Your Water

Sometimes your ice is tainted because of the condition of your water. If you have hard water, impurities in the water, or high sulfur content, those things can affect the flavor of your ice as well. Have the water tested for any potential contaminants, and then add a softener or other treatment system in your main water line to deal with the problem. If you have specific minerals in the water, you can add a multi-layer filtration system to deal with those specific issues. Hard water can be dealt with easily by adding a water softener.

Check The Food Packaging

When you're struggling with food odors in the freezer, one of the most common reasons for this is poorly packaged food in the freezer. Clean out both compartments, eliminating anything that's expired or freezer-burned. Then, make sure you wrap everything several times before you put it into the freezer.

With these tips, you can combat the odors and off-putting flavors in your ice. If you're still struggling, you'll want to call your local refrigerator repair technician from a company like Buffo's Refrigeration for more help.