It can be frustrating when every time you use your dryer, your clothes don't get completely dry, or you have some items that always seem to be damp in certain parts. This can actually be due to a few different reasons, so it helps to troubleshoot the problem before calling a professional. Here are some things to do if your clothes dryer is not drying your items completely.

Check the Lint Traps

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it is something many people forget to do. Not only should you check the main lint trap located in the front or top of your clothes dryer, but also check the main lint trap that might be near the back of the dryer. This trap is more difficult to get to, so it tends to get overlooked. Not only can it be a fire hazard if it is filled with lint and other debris, but it can start causing your clothes to not get dry or take longer to dry completely.

Look For Issues With the Ducts

The clothes dryer duct might also be the culprit of drying issues. The duct is located behind your dryer and has a hose connected to it. Check the duct first to see if there is a sag or kink in it, as this might be the issue. Also look at the hose going into the duct and look for any signs of wear or damage. As you are checking this area of the dryer, take a moment to turn off the power of the dryer and disconnect the duct. Look inside with a flashlight to see if there is any type of blockage.

Check for Heating Sensor Issues

A simple troubleshooting method for figuring out why your clothes dryer isn't heating clothing items is by checking the heating sensors. You can do this by turning your dryer on and selecting a normal cycle with no clothes in the dryer. Let the dryer run on this cycle for a few minutes, then open the dryer door. If the dryer doesn't feel warm, the heating sensors are likely not working properly. Even after a few minutes of running, it should feel warm inside the dryer. If the igniters or sensors are failing, they will need to be replaced, as there aren't possible repairs for these types of issues.

Contact an appliance professional, like one at Prompt Appliance Services, Inc., if you can't figure out why your dryer is not working properly, or to make any of these repairs.