If your appliance dies, you can pay a repair technician to repair it, you can simply replace the device or you can repair it yourself. But many electrical appliances can potentially shock you, so you will need to make sure your appliance is safe before performing the repairs yourself.

Check the Power Cord

Before repairing the appliance, make sure that it is plugged in properly. Even if the plug looks like it is plugged in, the prong might be loose. Then, make sure that the cord is in good condition. If the cord looks frayed or loose, you may simply need to replace the cord and the repair will be much easier. Make sure you replace the cord because a frayed or broken wire can be an electrical hazard. If you are still not sure if it is the cord causing the problem, use a voltage tester to test how much electricity is passing through the cord.

Test the Outlet

Besides the cord, the problem might be with the outlet. You can determine whether the outlet is functioning properly by plugging a different appliance into the outlet.

Unplug the Appliance Before Working On It

When you are working on your appliance, the only way to truly know if you will not get an electric shock is to unplug it. Simply turning the appliance on or off is not enough because some components do not rely on the on/off switch.

The Appliance Might Still Be a Hazard

If there is something wrong with your appliance, the switches might be faulty. This can lead to the appliance still being on even if the switch is turned off.

Also, cheap wall sockets sometimes only have a single pole. If that pole is then wired with reverse polarity, this can lead to the electricity being stopped when it is on its way back to the appliance. This leads to an appliance that is switched off but wires inside that are still live. Live wires can still give a fatal shock. Also, just because the heater or valve is not running, doesn't mean that electricity is not being fed into the appliance.

Call an Appliance Repair Technician if Necessary

Now that you are sure that the appliance is not an electrical hazard, you can begin making repairs. But if you are still unsure of whether the appliance is safe to work on, you should instead hire an appliance repair technician from a company like DBH Appliance Repair.