Even though you can hang your clothes out to dry if the dryer is on the fritz, sometimes the weather or timing is off and you need the clothes now. One common problem with a clothes dryer is the lint that accumulates from the clothing. Not only will a buildup of lint keep the air from circulating so the clothes take longer to dry, but it poses a fire hazard. Here are a few tricks for ensuring your drier vent stays clear of lint no matter the situation.

No Outdoor Access

Sometimes, you have to place your drier in the middle of the house or apartment, making it difficult to stretch and wrap the hose to reach to a vent on an outside wall. You do not want to have the lint flying around in the house and yet the lint cannot be allowed to collect inside the unit. Here are a couple simple ways to capture the lint.

  • Use a sock or nylon – Connect the open end of the sock or nylon to the exhaust flange. Place a clamp over it to hold it in place. The sock or nylon will trap the lint as it is expelled from the dryer. It is important that you remove the makeshift vent after every load to keep the sock or nylon from getting clogged.
  • Use a water trap – Connect a regular dryer vent hose to the back of the dryer. Place the open end in a bucket of water. The water traps the lint without causing a back up of the lint. Empty the dirty water after each load.

Clearing the Dryer Hose

Even when you have the dryer vented to the outside, it can become clogged with lint. The moisture in the lint makes it adhere to the ridges in the vent hose and the exhaust flange. Anytime you notice lint sticking to the outside vent it is a good idea to disconnect the hose from both ends and clear it. Clearing it can be done with a vacuum or leaf blower. Switch the vacuum hose from the input to the exhaust connection so that it blows air instead of sucking it in. Use it the way you would a leaf blower, putting the end into the vent hose and blowing out anything inside.

Keeping your dryer, hose and vent lint free will help your clothes to dry faster and completely. This means less energy is used and you will save money. Of course, it also means you don't have to worry about the buildup of lint in the unit catching fire. For more information, contact a professional like Automatic Appliance Service.