If your fridge is leaking, don't freak out. There is a good chance that your drain or your drip-pan is the source of your leak. These are two issues you can easily fix yourself. So before you call up your local appliance service store, check out these two issues first.


On the bottom of most refrigerators, there is a drain located at the bottom, underneath the drawers for your fruits and vegetables. If you have a side-by-side fridge and freezer, both sides should have their own drain at the bottom.

The purpose of this drain is to allow any liquids that spill or accumulate in your fridge and freezer to drain out instead of just sitting at the bottom of your fridge or freezer until you notice them and clean them up. Since most people are not even aware that they have a drain, it is easy to forget to clean it. All you have to do to clean the drain is spray a little disinfectant around it and wipe it down. 

You can also boil some hot water and pour it down the drain to make sure that your drain is not clogged. Hot water is preferable over cold water because it can break up any little debris that is hanging out in your drain line. Make sure you only use about a cup of hot water though; your drip-pan is only so large. If the hot water fails to go through your drain, you can unclog it by putting a small, straight metal wire down the drain and moving it around to break-up any debris. 


All that water that drains from your fridge accumulates in your drip-pan.Your drip-pan is located beneath your fridge. If you look at your fridge, you will notice that there is a panel across the bottom of your fridge that is a couple of inches high and runs across the length of your fridge. If you get out a screwdriver and remove that panel, you'll discover a drip-pan that you can slide right out. The water in the drip pan is designed to slowly evaporate over time. However, if a bunch of water goes into your drip-pan all at once, some of it may leak out. You can easily pull-out your drip-pan and pour out the extra water. While you are at it, you should also wash your drip-pan in the sink. 

If you see water in or leaking from your fridge, the first two things you should check are you drain and your drip-pan. If your drain is not clogged, and your drip-pan is not full of water, then it is time to call up a company like Appliance Tech Repair LLC by Frank Lecato and see if they can send out one of their technicians for further diagnostics.