Is it time to buy a new fridge? Before you make a choice based solely on what you want to spend, consider some of the things that you need and would use in this integral home appliance and spend a little more if necessary to secure these conveniences.

Some things to keep in mind when shopping for your new fridge include these tips:

Make sure it is big enough.

A common issue that consumers make is to buy a fridge that is either too small or too big for their family. Buying the wrong size fridge can make it seem crowded and disorganized, or it can seem to use far more energy than what you want to spend. A good rule of thumb is to allow around eight-cubic feet per couple, with an additional cubic foot for each additional person using the refrigerator.

Get the features you need.

Another typical problem arises when buyers purchase refrigerators based on price alone, without shopping around for the specific features and details that they need most. For example, would you benefit from a freezer light? What about specialty compartments for your beer and wine? These are the questions that consumers should consider before handing over their hard-earned dough.

Check the temperature.

Check out potential refrigerators to be sure that they offer customized control settings and easy-to-reach knobs for setting temperatures as needed. Since foods and beverages are best when stored in certain temperatures, a refrigerator that offers different and distinct settings for the various spaces in the fridge is practical and delightful.

All shelves are not created equal.

Think about it: who really checks out the fridge's shelves carefully before buying? This is one of the most important areas of this appliance to consider! Different shelves may suit different homeowners, depending on your lifestyle, the foods that you eat, and the beverages that you drink. Keep in mind that

glass shelves are easier to clean up after spills than wire shelves in most models.

Ice is nice.

Gone are the days when you had to buy a side-by-side refrigerator to get an ice dispenser on the door or front of the unit. Top-mount refrigerators are featuring ice makers and many are accommodating taller glasses and pitchers for added convenience. Look for refrigerators that have built-in water filters to make your ice even better.

Buying a new fridge is not something that shoppers should take lightly. Not only is it a major household investment, as many new appliances are, but it is one that you will use daily and that you rely on to keep your food fresh and safe for your family. Talk with retailers about the best models for your lifestyle, as well as the most practical approaches for your budget.

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