If you have a washing machine that is just a few years old and all the lights have starting blinking, you may not want to throw in the towel yet. You can check some of the problems with the error codes on your machine to see what is wrong, and if it is a simple fix or if you need to call the appliance repair service. Here are some of the common problems that can give you an error with your modern washing machine:

1. Door Light Flashing Before, During Or After Washing

One common problem that you may have with your washer is the door light flashing. This means that the door is not securely shut. If it is happening even when the door seems to be shut and locked, there may be a problem with the switch that closes the door or something may have bent the door where it does not secure properly. This can happen when something is caught outside of the door during the spin cycle. To fix it, you can try adjusting the latch that holds the door closed or bending the door to where it is shut. If the relay in the latch has a short in it, you will probably need to have it replaced.

2. Spin Lights Blinking After Or During Washing Cycles

Spin lights on your washer may blink during or after a wash cycle. This usually means that the spin cycle is not working correctly. It can be because the washing machine is not level and there is a problem with the process that evens out the load of the washer. You can check to see if the washing machine is level and adjust the feet to get it back in a level position. Try washing another load to see if this fixes the problem. It may be something else that is causing the problem, such as a worn or loose belt that needs to be replaced.

3. Lights Blinking In Unison And Machine Not Starting

Lights on your washing machine may also all blink at the same time and your machine not start at all.  This can be one of several problems, which may be something as serious as a broken motor. It can also be something as simple as machine reset. Many machines have a safety feature in them that will turn the machine off if there is a short, which can sometimes be caused by a power outage. You can try to reset the machine following the manufacturer's instructions to see if this solves the problem.

4. Flashing Lights Before Washing Begins And Machine Stops With Error Codes

If you get a series of flashing lights before, during and after you wash clothes, this can be because of the filters needing to be cleaned or because the water has been turned off. The first thing to do in this case is check to the water supply is turned on. Many washing machines also have a filter at the bottom of them, which you will want to check to see that it is empty. This common problem will cause the machine to stop until the water is turned on or the filter is cleaned.

These are some of the common problems that you may have with your washing machine and the error codes you will want to check. If you cannot figure out the problem on your own, contact an appliance repair service to get the help you need getting your washer running again. To learn more, contact a business like Master Tech Mechanical.